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    Screen Up Up Films

    The Package

    Up Up Farm is a “Film Festival” that you can screen as an ongoing series.

    In a church basement with weekly potlucks, with local producer panel discussions, or throughout the school semester in the auditorium (with pop corn!)

    Purchase of this collection includes screening rights to all of the films for 12 months after receipt of the package.

    Cost of the package is $1,000 for Colleges and institutions, $500 for community/activist groups.

    Film proceeds go to the film makers and to support young farmer media production. Talk to your School Librarian or events committee to apply for school budget funds, the collection of DVDs can live in the library for students or teachers to use (for the duration of your screening license). Often you can get the rotary club, farmers market association, or other small organizations to pull this off.



    - 4 DVDS with the full collection of “Up UP Farm” films
    - Screening Rights for Your Festival
    - Customizable poster and postcard template (electronic version)

    *No popcorn included, but we recommend non GMO with melted organic butter!

    Check out Equal Exchange for great movie snacks, and fair trade products for your church or community center.



    Email: film@thegreenhorns.net

    More Info 

    Purchase the Film Festival Package

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    Get Involved with the Greenhorns

    The Greenhorns needs your help!  Let us know what projects interest you and we'll connect with you to get you more deeply involved.

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    Our mission is to promote, support and recruit young farmers in America.

    Our method is the production new agrarian media, we are cultural workers in the agricultural revival. We make films, radio, song collections, guidebooks, almanacs, anthologies,workshops, exhibits, mixers, art-stunts and imaginal logistics platforms. Our programs and projects address the practical concerns of those in their first years farming, but also the social needs of new entrants into the agricultural community. We emphasize sustainable farming, innovation and entrepreneurship– traits that characterize the network we serve.
    Our grassroots project is succeeding. Our feature film, The Greenhorns, has been screened more than 3000 times in schools, churches, main street cinemas, farm living rooms and conferences in America and abroad.You can request a screening here.
    Our radio show, with an average 5,000 weekly downloads is beloved by farmers across the country, as is our longtime blog ” the irresistible fleet of bicycles’ for news, gossip, ephemera and practical training programs. We recently published an anthology of Young Farmer essays and an Almanac for this generation. In the 7 years of our existence as a mostly volunteer-powered non-profit project we have managed to pull off more than 200 events for young farmers in all kinds of venues from orchards, abandoned pharmacies, museums, farm stands and church basements, to grange halls and maritime museums. Here are some pictures of our mixers.
    Our office is located in Essex, NY in the heart of the Champlain Valley. From here we coordinate our various events, new media projects, special research and advocacy, and our large collection of props, catering equipment, art supplies etc. We are often on tour, and our team is distributed all across the country, particularly concentrated in those parts of the country with a strong local and organic farming communities. We learn to farm as apprentices, the farms of grey-haired elders are the nurseries for the young farmers movement. They raise up new growers, who many times settle out into new, and emergent organic farm geographies, setting down roots and firming in places less hospitable, but more affordable.
    Our upcoming projects deserve your support, and in fact we cannot continue to build on this great momentum without continuing support from private donors, foundations and sponsors like yourselves. Donations to our organization are tax-deductible and will be put towards sustaining our network, and the new projects we are working on.

    Donate: please make checks out to S.E.E. (our fiscal sponsor) with “Greenhorns” in the memo line.  Send to:

    Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) /Attn: Office Coordinator /
    23532 Calabasas Road, Suite A
    Calabasas, CA 91302

    Tel: 818-225-9150 / Fax: 818-225-9151

    Nonprofit Tax ID No. 95-4116679


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